Monday, April 23, 2012

whisper good morning :)

Just recently, aia and I fell in love with this song by a band called the letter you. GUSTO KO SHANG IDOWNLOAD!! kaso hindi poidi. :( anyway, sobrang lambing lang ng lyrics.

Who would've thought wed be here where we are now Falling and falling looking up never glancing down Butterflies and pretty eyes lead me to believe That you will be the one I see

When I wake up in the morning Ill whisper good morning whisper good morning beautiful so beautiful Ill run my hands through your hair and label your heart handle with care

Never did I think you'd be the one I've longed for I've been sitting and waiting not hesitating to find the one Now you're here and the past is there let's get the hell away Cause I'm sick of the faces and all of the places that made me stay

When I wake up in the morning Ill whisper good morning whisper good morning beautiful so beautiful Ill run my hands through your hair and label your heart handle with care

You'll see you'll see that's its always been me and your all that I've wanted all that you needed together we won't be defeated 


Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm really thankful to the person who said this "Keep the Faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you're about to give up hope". I saw it at a time when I was on the verge of giving up. 

Not to be overly emotional or anything but:

1. After giving up on the idea of being a staff nurse, I had to look for jobs that were not related to nursing.
2. I couldn't be a graphic artist because I lack the formal education and skills required by most companies.
3. I was ready to settle for below minimum to minimum wage disregarding the fact that my parents spent over a million  for my college education.
4. I sent resumes to jobs that I think I was overqualified, YET, no one responded during the first 2 weeks.

After some waiting, several attempts at self awareness and making a list reasons why no one was interested in hiring me, I got fed up. Super stressed and desperate, I decided it was time to turn to God. I guess I was too weak to ask for help and thought I could do it on my own. 

When I finally talked to him, I asked him one question. I asked him his plan for me. I got the answer in the form of three interviews. It took me one prayer and everything fell into place. I guess God was just waiting for me to knock on his door. 

Before going to any interview, I asked God one thing---not to get the job but to allow me to make the right decisions. I guess my prayer was answered. On the day I was scheduled for an afternoon interview, I took the risk of going to one interview in the morning, thinking it would be done by lunch and that I would have ample time to get to the other interview. They were both in Makati so I though travel wouldn't be a problem.

Company 1 was located in Magallanes. There were a lot of steps and applicants. I got really tensed when the HR told me I had to go back after lunch at 1pm. At that time, I thought the best thing to do was just proceed with this application and cross my fingers for a job offer. I was decided not to go to the other interview since I've already been having second thoughts about Company 2 even before they scheduled me for an interview.

After waiting until 130, the HR came out and told me to go back on Monday. For some weird reason, I felt a sudden rush of blood and I hurried to the next company. I arrived 5 minutes before 2pm. I think that God really made it possible for me to attend the 2nd interview.

It was a really nice building and the office was small but shockingly clean and beautiful. If you saw their ad in jobstreet you'd probably expect something different too. So anyway, I got interviewed by this really pretty lady.

After all the interviews I'd been to, you'd expect me to be an expert at describing myself, my strengths and weaknesses but I was still nervous as hell. I was sweating like a pig and my voice was really shaky. It probably had to do with the really professional setting and sophisticated person in front of me. 

Over the past few weeks, I've practiced the best things to say during an interview in my head. I've thought of really big words to use so I would be able to sell myself but I didn't get to use them this time. I decided to be myself. Some would deny their real plans about their life. I believe a lot of people I know lied about turning their backs on nursing and dedicating their selves for whatever job they were applying for. I decided not to lie about anything.

After the 30 minute job interview, I expected to hear her say "Okay, we'll just call you." instead, she said "There's another person to be interviewed so I don't have time to make the job offer yet. But I want to tell you that I'm offering you the job." Everything literally froze. 

I was so happy. I was so happy that I smiled at every stranger I met on the street that day. I finally understood why:

1. I had to decline the offer of some retail company as a photographer.
2. I had to be in Palawan the same day I was scheduled for a final interview in Coco Life.
3. I had to pay for my BLS training the same day I was scheduled for a rescheduled interview in Coco Life.
4. My parents wouldn't allow me to become a call center agent.
5. I didn't get the company nurse position in Macquarie.
6. I had to still be evaluated further in datascope.

(Yes, I like making lists out of every thing) :)

I was destined to be placed in this really cool office, under a beautiful and nice boss, at an 8 hour day shift, near my friends and Aia's office, with good compensation for a simple but important task.

Yes, I am only an encoder not the big boss of some company. I can be really shallow at times. I also perceive my reaction to this successful job application as "too much for such a small thing" but this really means a lot to me and my family. So, I may only be an encoder but I will do my fucking best so no one gets disappointed.  :)

This will forever be stored in my inbox. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Alam mo yung panahon na isa isa ng nagkakaanak yung mga kakilala mo? Hindi na siya considered as "teenage pregnancy" pero medyo napaguusapan kasi nasa early adulthood parin sila? Well si Hanna ang isa sa mga huling taong ineexpect ko marinig na nanganak! Naalala ko nung first year pagnapapagusapan kung sino unang mabubuntis tapos sinasabi namen si Hanna pero joke lang shempre. Well, nagkatotoo nga. haha

Nung thursday shempre pinuntahan namen sha sa Sanitarium. Pero yung baby nalang pala niya yung nakaconfine sa NICU. Since premature nga yung baby, hindi laging stable yung condition at kelangan i-monitor yung condition every now and then.

So parang reunion narin without our other friends. Super catch up. The usual. yung usap na parang hindi kami matagal nagkahiwalay.

a photo of the three of us w/ hanna's friend. walang bakas ng pagbubuntis no?haha

our only view of baby Zoey. Too bad we didn't get to actually see her pero iuuwi narin naman sha ni Hanna sa april so dun nalang. :)

Anyway masaya ako para sakaniya, I can see how hard this experience has been for her and how hard she's trying to do everything for her baby. Tangina nanay na si hanna:))) sino na kaya sunod? :))

Sunday, March 11, 2012


model: Erica Adizon

**SUPER thank you kay Aia for trusting me with his cam and sa kapitbahay kong agency for letting us shoot sa building nila.**

BTS: 4th Collection


The other day, we had a shoot for our 4th collection. Of course just like our past shoots, I had to deal with a lot of stress before we were able to shoot. I guess I sort of got used to it so instead of moping around, stressing myself even more and ranting about it on social networking sites, I decided to stay calm.

I thought of all my resources and came up with solutions and a series of back up plans. Letting my obsessive-compulsive self take over actually helped. A lot. I wont go into details anymore. I'm just glad God let it happen and luck was on our side that day.

LESSON FOR THE DAY: It's better to expect the worst and  come up with options because no matter how much you plan, there will always be some things that won't work for you.

Here are some BTS photos taken by keyti  using my cam:) (the one I used for the shoot was aia's)

L: One of the last shots. We were all tired and sweaty even before this point.
R: Proof of how much butt i don't have.


L: me w/ my censored mouth
R: keyt w/ erica

Yay. A picture of us with Erica Adizon. We look like fans. hahaha.

I will post the final photos tonight or tom:)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Last November I came up with a good idea to help me with my shopping problem. I have this habit of buying clothes that I don't really wear. I've always found it hard to just leave them there. So when I have money I buy them but then they just end up stored in my closet.

So I thought of having my own online shop. It was the perfect idea. Shopping + earning money + photography.

When I told my friends about it, they decided to join and we came up with Love at First Sight or L.A.F.S.  We go around Manila and look for good finds that we resell online at a reasonable price.

I used to think differently about buying pre-loved clothes that are worth just as much as brand new ones. but when you think about it, you're paying for vintage pieces that no one or only a few in the world own. For me it is the best option for people who want to stand out and have their own style.

A few days from now we are about to release our 4th collection and looking back at the past 3 collections, financially, we are not earning as much as we'd want. The ratio of effort to profit is not good at all but I want to keep doing this because L.A.F.S has never been about the money.

I don't expect to become a millionare out of this. I just want my own piece of sanctuary where I'll be able to channel my creativity and fulfill my not so secret dream as a photographer. Although there are times that we ask my boyfriend to shoot our models and our models are the ones who do their own makeup. BASTA YUN NA YUN GETS NA :))

Yes, I am dead tired after a photoshoot or after going through every piece of hanger in multiple thrift shops(AT DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!). but at the end of the day, being able to do what I love with my closest friends and my boyfriend makes it worth it. :)